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When you find yourself in need of a dentist, you want to find a dedicated professional who will give you individualized care. At Dutch Neck Dental in East Windsor, this is exactly what you will find – an experienced dentist who can efficiently diagnose and treat your dental needs, who guides you in every step of your treatment and preventative care, and an attentive and friendly staff always willing to give the quality care every patient deserves.


Dutch Neck Dental provides dental care to patients from East Windsor, West Windsor, Cranbury, Robbinsville, Princeton, Allenton, Hamilton Township, and the surrounding areas.


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Meet The Doctor

Dr. Ira L. Goldstine

Dr. Ira L. Goldstine graduated from Temple University School of Dentistry in 1996. He has received certifications in the use of Lumineer Veneers. He is trained in the treatment of TMJ and occlusal disorders by the prestigious Dawson Academy in St. Petersburg, Florida. He has also volunteered with Operation Blessing to help the dentally compromised in New Orleans, after Katrina.

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Practice Overview

Our modern office uses state of the art technology including low radiation digital x-rays, a comfortable and relaxed setting. Dr. Goldstine and staff are committed to providing a friendly and efficient experience with special attention given to the anxious or reluctant patient.

Please inquire with our office about Uber Health Transportation.

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“This office is perfect on all points. The front desk staff is friendly and aims to accommodate. I had a much feared root canal last year and Dr Ira and his staff went beyond being kind and comforting to me. Molly, the dental hygienist keeps my teeth clean and healthy. A true professional. The age old comment, “Everyone hates the dentist”, would never hold true is this great office.”


Oral Health Care For Older Patients

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How Much Do You Know About Periodontal Disease?

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Dutch Neck Dental

To our current and future patients-

Beginning June 1st, we will be re-opening our office.

COVID-19 will likely be a global reality for the next one to two years. The way this virus is transmitted, combined with the very nature of a dental visit, creates unique challenges. To meet these challenges, we have re-structured our patient experience completely.  Fortunately, our office could not be more ideally designed and situated to ensure limited contact during your visit:

  1. Stand-alone building.
  2. Private parking.
  3. Direct access from outside.
  4. More operatories than practitioners – allowing for ample time for exchange of air.

Appropriate protected barriers are located throughout the office. Upon arrival, each patient will call from the parking lot. They will be invited into the office for screening and temperature evaluation. After satisfactory completion of screening, patients will immediately go to the operatory for your visit. Insurance and financial concerns will be addressed during the screening. When your visit is completed, you will exit out of a second entrance. The entrance and exit on opposite sides of the building ensures a uni-directional flow of traffic through our office.

Personal Protective Equipment

  1. All staff will always wear masks.
  2. Face shields will be worn during all facets of dental work.
  3. All working surfaces will be disinfected in between each patient.
  4. The dentist and hygienists will alternate operatories between patients to ensure adequate disinfection of surfaces and ventilation of the air.

We utilize the Extra Oral Suction System.  This revolutionary protective equipment is the centerpiece of Covid-19 transmission prevention.  This is NOT on the list of required equipment and few offices are able to offer this level of protection. This machine eliminates over 95% of all droplets and aerosols produced during your dental visit. This is achieved by positioning the high capacity vacuum adjacent to the patient’s mouth.  Particles will be eliminated from the air through a triple HEPA filter and a UV filtration system.

Our new protocols are a work in progress.  Dutch Neck Dental will continue to make the appropriate changes to safeguard our patients as new and pertinent Covid-19 facts are brought to light.

                 Dr. Ira Goldstine

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