A Smile As Fresh As Springtime

Tooth Whitening East Windsor NJ Happy, happy, happy. That’s how spring makes people feel. The freshness of new life after hibernating during the winter is a welcome relief. With so much joy bubbling up inside you, chances are that you feel like smiling, but you only manage a slight grin because of the color of your teeth. Perhaps it’s time to schedule that teeth whitening treatment that you have been considering.

Professional Teeth Whitening vs. Consumer Products

Thanks to celebrities and other public figures, teeth whitening has become a popular treatment for a brilliantly white smile. A variety of products are available on the consumer market, from gels to whitening strips. You may have tried some of these at-home treatments and, like other men and women, been disappointed with the lackluster results. Professional teeth whitening is the only way to get the whitest smile possible without damaging your teeth.

Will Professional Teeth Whitening Help My Smile?

Several factors can dull a person’s smile. Professional teeth whitening works best on people who have discolored teeth due to aging, smoking and certain foods, such as wine and coffee. The color of your stains is another consideration. Professional teeth whitening may not work well on stains that are grey or brown. If you have bridges, crowns, colored fillings or severely discolored teeth, we may recommend veneers to brighten your smile.

What Should I Expect from Professional Teeth Whitening?

The procedure is performed in our office and takes about an hour for most patients. Your teeth look whiter immediately. We may recommend a follow-up appointment to check for any remaining stains that need treatment. The results of our teeth whitening treatments last up to five years. We will recommend changes to your lifestyle that help the results last for as long as possible.

Are Your Ready for a Brilliant White Smile? Contact Dutch Neck Dental.

To learn more about professional teeth whitening, veneers, treatments for missing teeth, orthodontics and our other services, contact Dutch Neck Dental to schedule an appointment. Our office is conveniently located in East Windsor, New Jersey, and you can contact us at (609) 448-7440.

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