Custom Dentures

Custom dentures can effectively replace missing or damaged teeth throughout the mouth, restoring a patient’s ability to smile, speak and eat without difficulty or worry. Unlike dentures produced in the past, which were often uncomfortable or prone to slippage, custom dentures are specifically crafted with the individual patient’s needs in mind.

Custom dentures are created over the course of several appointments. During these visits, impressions of the patient’s mouth will be taken and the prosthetic will be produced and fitted into the mouth using dental implants, cement or other techniques. Most patients can receive their dentures after a series of three to five appointments spaced a few weeks apart.

Custom dentures ensure that the replacement device precisely fits the individual patient’s mouth for enhanced comfort, appearance and functionality. Even patients who currently wear dentures may benefit from switching to custom dentures for an overall improvement in their denture experience.

To find out more information about custom dentures, patients should contact their dentist for a consultation.

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